Where to Invest 100k Today

October 12, 2021

Got $100k burning a hole in your savings account? Hey, windfalls happen—when you sell your house, for instance.

And when they do, there’s no reason why you can’t put that six figures to good use. After all, why leave all that money to burn a hole in your bank account when you could grow it instead?

Here’s a look at where savvy investors can make the most of their $100k investment.

Before You Invest

Before you jump off the deep end and invest $100k, you should spend some time getting prepared.

First, you should know your investment style—investing is not one-size-fits-all, and your goals and risk appetite shape the investment style that works for you. There are eight recognized investment styles:

  1. Active
  2. Passive
  3. Growth
  4. Value
  5. Market capitalization
  6. Buy and hold
  7. Indexing
  8. Diversification

Many newbie and highly risk-averse investors rely on passive investing, which is when you invest money with a long time horizon. Other styles are more hands-on and are characterized by the method of selecting stocks—growth investing, for example, focuses on stocks of companies growing faster than most, while market capitalization selects stocks based on company size.

It’s also important to pay off your debt before you start investing. Debt is basically the opposite of investing, and outstanding debts often eat away at your investing gains. If you remove those costs from your life, you can be more aggressive about growing your money.

Last but not least, diversification is your best friend, regardless of any other investing techniques you use. This helps your portfolio withstand hits from investments that didn’t pay off or ebbs and flows of the market.

Smart Ways to Invest 100k

With that in mind, let’s talk about a few smart ways to invest that $100k.


Stocks are one of the three conventional investment categories. They’re highly liquid, easy to manage, easy to value, and easy to find services for. If you have the wiggle room to swing it (like $100k of wiggle room, for instance) it’s a good idea to focus on growth stocks and dividend stocks.

Growth stocks are shares in a company that is expected to grow at a rate well above the average market. Look at fast-growing sectors to find companies in this category, such as e-commerce or cloud computing. These aren’t the cheapest stocks, but they also have high revenue. Since they’re highly volatile, keep them as a minority holding in your whole portfolio.

A dividend is a portion of company profits that a company distributes to a certain class of shareholders. Dividend stocks are companies that routinely pay out these dividends on a regular basis, which makes them an excellent source of passive income.

Diversify with Art and Other Real Assets

As previously noted, diversification is your best friend in investing. One of the best ways to do that is with real assets, like art.

No, we’re not talking about the print you have on your wall. We’re talking about blue-chip art, art of great value that is reliably profitable and expected to hold steady or increase in value over time. It’s named for the blue chip in poker (the most valuable chip on the table) and usually refers to multi-million-dollar artworks by heavyweights with a strong track record on the auction market.

To be clear, a work’s status as blue-chip has nothing to do with its importance to the collector, a museum, or even history. Blue-chip status is solely defined by the work’s resale value.

Here’s the thing—blue-chip art performs spectacularly well. In fact, it outperformed the S&P 500 by 180% from 2000–2018.

For investors who are new to the art world or don’t know where to begin in savage auction houses, we take the work out of investing in art. We’re a top art buyer with more than $150 million in paintings purchased. We do the research for you to figure out which artist markets have the most momentum and the best potential risk-adjusted returns, backed by research in collaboration with Citi Bank, Bank of America, and others. Once we buy a painting, we file an offering circular with the SEC, which allows anyone to invest while also granting legal protection to investors.

Then, our members have a chance to buy shares in an artwork, like crowd-funded real estate. We offer $1 million to $30 million in paintings every 10 or so days. We hold the art for three to ten years, then handle the sale on your behalf. You get your cut of the proceeds based on how many shares you held in the painting.

Ready to Make the Most of Your 100k?

Are you ready to invest $100k and put your money to work for you? If so, we’re ready to bring together passion investing and data-driven returns to show you just how much your investment can do for you. So if you’re ready to take your $100k and make your financial goals a reality, fill out your membership application today to get started in the exciting world of blue-chip art.

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