An in depth discussion with Márta Kucsora

June 16, 2022

(b. 1979 Szeged, Hungary) Márta Kucsora is a Hungarian Contemporary artist. Márta has achieved notable success in her home country with highly regarded representation from the Kalman Maklary gallery. Kucsora has also been featured in a number of different exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. 

Kucsora was formally trained and achieved an MFA in Painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, located in Budapest. The University is best known as the premier institution for Hungarian artists specifically in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture. Though classically trained and respects the permanent importance of the painterly canon, Kucsora steps outside of the classical training offered by her institution and embraces the innovative and creative abilities of artistry. During her MFA she was also able to study at Montclair State University, located in Montclaire New Jersey, from 2005 to 2006 through a fellowship program. 

Kucsora Márta, Incepció, absztrakt, festmény, kiállítás, Műcsarnok Fotó: Ladjánszki Máté

Kucsora Márta, Incepció, absztrakt, festmény, kiállítás, Műcsarnok
Fotó: Ladjánszki Máté

Márta’s Artistic Style

Márta’s artwork has been described to be dynamic and full of vitality. Kucsora paints in a technique using liquid paints, an air gun, and high gloss lacquers. Her painting style is meant to evoke fluidity and explores the dynamic between flow and resistance in nature. Kucsora’s artwork also tends to take nods from the abstract expressionism movement artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Gilliam, and Jackson Pollock. She has stated before that she likes to explore the processes of nature and the accidentals that occur and how they create new forms. Her painting reflects this by no two compositions being the same. 

When discussing her creative process, this is what Kucsora had to share.

MP: Was there any particular influence on you that helped adapt your artistic process to your current practice? 

MK: I cannot name a reference. I have always been interested in experimental techniques, and the integration of new mediums and chemical reactions, mixing alien components together. I was more fascinated by video art- I saw a lot when in New York- and I consider my paintings as snapshots of an ever-changing formation of paints. 

Aside from the influence of the abstract expressionists, Kucsora also employs the use of foreign objects in her artwork such as clingfilm, fabrics, and solid acrylic to further experiment and push the limitations of the medium. This experimentation allows for Kucsora to test the chemical possibilities of the behaviors of the different substances mixed together. Here she feels that her work evokes liberating energy that pays homage to the visionary of abstract art, as well as serves as symbolic favor to the gestures she uses when creating. 

Mk: I wanted to freeze the moment. My process is very dynamic, performance-like, and planned in every detail. 


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Exhibition History & More

Márta has experienced a great deal of success in her home country of Hungary, showcasing with the esteemed Kalman Maklary Fine Art Gallery since 2017. The gallery represents and is dedicated to the artists of the post-war school of Paris including several of Kucsora’s peers and counterparts. Kucsora also co-founded her own artist space and associated residency called the Budapest Art Factory in 2006 which also serves as her studio. 

Kucsora has also been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions in the United States as well. Her most recent being Super Natural held at Postmasters Gallery in New York, signifying a major cross-over of the Hungarian artist to the Americas stage of the market.  Márta also had her auction debut in 2021 during Sotheby’s 20th Century: a different perspective. 

MP: Is there anything new or upcoming that you could share?

MK: Yes, I have been working on video installations recently. I was inspired by some of my favorite video artists like Isaac Julien, Bill Viola, and Michal Rovner. 

You can watch some of Kucsora’s examples here. These are real-time recordings of her moving paint. 

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