Alternative Investments

Alternative Assets refer to financial assets that do not fall into one of the conventional investment categories such as stocks, bonds, and currencies. Alternative investments can strengthen and diversify traditional portfolios by seeking returns independent from equity and bond markets.

Alternative Investing Strategies

Explore beginner to advanced strategies for investing in alternative assets.

Alternatives Market

Read up on some market trends, news, and analysis for alternative assets.

Types of Alternative Assets


Investing in art allows investors to invest in what they love, while also allowing them to potentially capitalize on the historic returns generated by the art market.

Real Estate

Real Estate is the most common alternative investment asset and is the world’s largest asset class.

Private Equity

Private equity refers to investments made into private companies not listed on a public exchange like the NYSE.


Commodities are a real asset and generally refer to natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and precious metals.


Collectibles include a wide range of items such as rare wines, vintage cars, stamps, coins, and antiques.

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